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Filmybox Media & Entertainment is an integrated media and entertainment company, involved in the Conceptualization, Design, Creation & Production of all forms of creative content and related aspects, across all media platforms.  Situated in the hub of india’s media & entertainment industry - mumbai, we are new but an ambitious company.
The company operates on every facet of the media, marketing, advertisement & entertainment industry, may it be Films, Television, Web, Print, Digital or New media.
Our task-by-task service means that you can commission as much or as little as your project   or budget requires. Tell us what you need. We cost it. You order. We get it done. Simple.

Project Development


Pre Production


Post Production


Worldwide Distribution



- Budgeting
- Script Breakdown
- Story research
- Contributor sourcing
- Script translation

- Location recces & organising location permits
- Establishing a production base
- Sourcing contributors, conducting pre-shoot interviews
- Organising travel and transport
- International shipping logistics
- Finding & booking specialist crew
- Setting up shoots in challenging environments
- Scheduling
- Planning movement orders
- Producing call sheets
- Booking rehearsal space /studios/ green rooms
- Visa enquiries*
- Essential paperwork (unit, vendor etc.)
- Advising on travel, accommodation & hire vehicles
- Sourcing & booking filming equipment (arranging Kit hire)
- Accompanying you on location to ensure
  smooth running of shoot
- Translating and interpreting
  for interview
- Acting as location contact
  for foreign shoots
- Interviewing and Presenting
- Directing corporate/commercial shoots
- Organising location parking
  and trailer hire
- Organising on-set catering
- Daily Production Reports
- Post production paperwork
- Subtitling
- Transcription
- Composing & Sound design