MAAZII voated as Best Independent film 2013

The Hindi film industry was never known for organised filmmaking, but over the years the scenario has changed a lot. Now, the industry has tilted more in favour of people who have big pockets. The process of filmmaking has become less important than its publicity drive and big studios are emerging as the champions of this art. However, every now and then we come across films which showcase fantastic content and get benefitted by the word-of-mouth publicity.

We had asked you readers to pick the best Indies of 2013 and you voted Jaideep Chopra's 'Maazii' as the best.

A story of an individual who has trouble alienating himself from his past, 'Maazii' got 40% votes from readers and emerged as the Best Indipendent film of 2013. The film created a good buzz despite a limited release and shooting on realistic locations made it a film to watch with attention. Jaideep Chopra found his characters in crime affected areas and the audience accepted his selection.

In the second spot was the critically acclaimed Vasan Bala's 'Peddlers' featuring Gulshan Deviah and Nimrat Kaur which got 24.14% votes. Vasan Bala gave Devaiah the role of his life time and he passed the litmus test with flying colours.

Ajay Bahl's 'BA Pass' came a close third with 23. 08% votes. Based on Mohan Sikka's story 'The Railway Aunty', this film was applauded for two things, its bold content and depiction of a wayward adolescent. Ajay Bahl's handling of Shadab Kamal was a treat to watch as he churned out the best in the actor.

Medical thriller 'Ankur Arora Murder Case' got 7.46% votes while 'Listen...Amaya' got 5.21% votes.


Courtsey: IBN LIVE